Chapter One

At Designing My Life . . .

. . . we're up to something.

We're Designing our Life.  We're Consciously Creating it.

We're learning and using some great tools to transform the life we've been living into an extraordinary and exciting life that deep in our hearts we know we were meant to live.

We're using Joseph Campbell, a world renowned mythologist, as one of our guides, as we step into our own Journeys of discovery -- into our own Hero's or Heroine's Journey.

We're taking some risks, living on the edge, discovering what it means and what it takes to Consciously Create our lives -- the Life we've always longed for, that we've always known.

Living Consciously Created lives that are more exciting, more fulfilling, more loving, more compassionate, more passionate, and more darned fun than anything we have ever imagined.

That's what we're up to at Designing My Life.

When you ask your heart (not your head) if this is what you've been looking for, your heart will tell you "Yes, it is".

This is where you get back to your True Self, the life that you came in with at birth and somehow lost your way (like the rest of us).  You will be astonished when you get back on Your Path.  This I promise.

Welcome aboard,

     Lorenzo Gramlich

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